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When Do I Need A Structural Engineer Inspection?

The structure of your building is not something you can ignore. As a property owner, the last thing you want is a compromised structure. Determining the strength and durability of your building in Brisbane is crucial for your safety, either during the construction...

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5 Structural Tips for Home Owners

When you own a home, you are going to want to look out for all kinds of different things. As opposed to when you are renting and any structural issues are the landlord's problem, when you own a house, those structural issues suddenly become something you need to deal...

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“SLN Consulting Pty Ltd carry out numerous structural solutions for our swimming pool customers Australia-wide. Their technical knowledge and practical experience exceeded our design requirements time and time again. I would highly recommend using SLN Consulting to everyone.”

(Nigel Butcher, Shipping Container Pools)