Structural Engineering Services


The team at SLN Consulting offers a wide range of quality structural engineering services relating to residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Our team has experience in the initiation, development and execution of projects involving steelwork, reinforced concrete, tilt-up panels, concrete and clay masonry, and timber framing.


Structural Engineer Inspection


From new builds to property additions and alterations, you will require expert advice from a trusted structural engineer, alongside the technical drawings necessary to ensure the best quality, most robust and safest finish.

Let our team consult with you to understand your vision, before developing the most affordable and appropriate construction solutions which comply with all relevant Australian standards and guidelines. We’ll then conduct ongoing inspections throughout the construction process to ensure all requirements have been met.

Our service includes the issuing of both the Form 15 Certificate (Design), required to obtain a permit to begin the build, and the Form 16 Certificate (Construction), confirming all plans were adhered to at every stage in the process.


Dilapidation Report


Are you or a neighbouring property planning substantial construction works? If so, you may wish to protect yourself with a Dilapidation Report.

Our team can visit any property in the vicinity of major building works, to conduct a thorough inspection of all internal and external areas. We will identify any kind of damage including signs of movement, separation, cracking and leaning. This information will be used to prepare a report outlining all existing defects, essentially providing an official snapshot of the building’s current condition.

Having proof of the state of a property prior to the commencement of the building works will place neighbouring owners in a strong position to claim compensation for any resulting damage, while protecting developers and construction companies from false claims relating to pre-existing issues.


Subsidence Reports


Have you noticed cracks appearing in the walls of your property? If that’s the case, you may have problem relating to subsidence. This should be investigated and resolved quickly and effectively, before the damage becomes even more extensive.

Our expert team will come on-site and, using our proven checks and techniques, will conduct a thorough investigation. We’ll identify the cause of the problem, whether that be a footing system that is either too small or not sturdy enough, or other causes such as nearby trees, drainage problems or inadequate preparation of the underlying land. From there, we’ll prepare a detailed report outlining the causes and extent of the issues.


Rectification Works


At SLN Consulting, our team of experienced structural engineers can outline the necessary measures needed to rectify the underlying causes of all manner of building problems, including:

  • Subsidence
  • Storm and fire damage
  • Vehicle impact
  • Water ingress
  • Rising damp
  • Flooding
  • Structural member failure

We’ll provide technical drawings to outline the details of the necessary rectification works, and remain on-hand to perform inspections at each key stage in the process. Our service includes the issuing of both the Form 15 Certificate (Design), required to obtain a permit to begin the works, and the Form 16 Certificate (Construction) upon completion, confirming all plans were adhered to.


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