When Do I Need A Structural Engineer Inspection?

The structure of your building is not something you can ignore. As a property owner, the last thing you want is a compromised structure. Determining the strength and durability of your building in Brisbane is crucial for your safety, either during the construction process or as part of managing ongoing challenges. We appreciate that it can be tricky to figure out when you need structural expertise. As a rule of thumb, you need structural engineering for all projects that involve timber framing, concrete and clay masonry, reinforced concrete, tilt-up panels and steelwork. At SLN Consulting, we’ve compiled a brief overview of when you need a structural consultant to help with your property project. 

When a new building site is planned next to your property

Construction works can be associated with structural nuisances, such as heavy vehicle passage or vibrations. When there is a building site in the proximity of your property, these nuisances could have a dramatic effect on your property structure, leading to potential weaknesses and new defects. Suppose you are concerned about how a building site could affect the value and safety of your home or commercial building. In that case, it can be a good idea to reach out to structural engineers to capture the condition of your property before the construction works start. The process is called a dilapidation report and can be used for claims on structural damages. 

When you’ve noticed cracks on the external walls

Structural inspections are essential to figuring out whether there is a problem with the structure of your property. You can reach out to a structural engineer in Brisbane for a detailed inspection if you notice damages to the main structure. What do structural damages look like? Most frequently, they include signs of subsidence such as crashing walls or a sagging roofline. These could be caused by an inadequate footing system, for instance, or underlying drainage problems. The role of our engineers is to identify the cause to help you resolve the issue rapidly. 

When you need to make structural repairs

A structural expert can evaluate the extent of the repairs your property requires for rectification works. Not only can structural engineers provide an unbiased report of the damage, but they can also oversee the construction process for safety. This could be the cause if your property has experienced structural weaknesses as a result of subsidence, vehicle impact, or even fire damage. For instance, if you the cracks in your external walls are linked to structural damages, a specialist engineer will provide technical drawings, monitoring and inspection of the repair works until completion. 

When you are building 

Whether you are building an extension or new home, your construction project requires expert guidance in terms of structural integrity, strength, and duration. Our team at SNL Consulting has a long experience providing technical drawings that brings your property vision to life. It’s the responsibility of a structural expert to provide not only all ongoing inspections throughout the process but also the technical design required for your building permit in Brisbane.  

Reach out to an expert to find out how we can help you protect your real estate investment. Whether you are a commercial building owner or you’re worried about your home, our team can put their technical knowledge and practical experience at the service of your property. 


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(Nigel Butcher, Shipping Container Pools)